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Improve Your Smile With Implants

Our smile is often the first impression we make when meeting someone new, and that’s a big deal. Taking care of your teeth to keep your smile bright and full is a priority for many people for that reason.

Losing a tooth due to injury, periodontal disease or decay is a difficult experience to go through; people who do so often feel less confident in their overall physical appearance and become embarrassed of their smile. However, all’s not lost just because you lose a tooth! There are options to renew your smile when you’ve gone through such an event – and no, it’s not dentures.

If you’ve lost a tooth for whatever reason, consider getting a dental implant to replace it. Implants are so realistic looking that whoever you’re smiling at will never know that it is not one of your natural teeth. Additionally, implants are often as strong as natural teeth are, so you are not likely to notice a difference when eating your favorite crunchy or hard to chew foods.

So, how is a dental implant placed into your mouth? Don’t worry, it is not a scary process. Under local anesthesia, your dentist will embed the artificial tooth into your jawbone so it fits in snugly with your existing teeth and firmly so that it will not move or shift positions. Once healed, your dentist will then place the implant.

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